Saying Goodbye To The Twin Turbo Setup (Big Changes Coming)

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Dj Eli Shane
Dj Eli Shane Dag geleden
Good to see Emilion again. Its been too long
HondaBoi Doogie
HondaBoi Doogie 2 dagen geleden
Ayeee rhdkev mechanic at jbr
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez 2 dagen geleden
Back to watching the boiz 🙏 god bless everyone
B Martinez
B Martinez 3 dagen geleden
Do what you gotta do Kyle.... get that record boiiiiiii !!!
B Martinez
B Martinez 3 dagen geleden
Robert Mapps!!! The goat. Would be dope having him in more of your videos. I have alot of respect for that man. Dope video bro 🔥
Mr. Christopher
Mr. Christopher 7 dagen geleden
Let’s go I can’t wait for a HDAY NEXT WEEKEND.
Dillon Marsee
Dillon Marsee 9 dagen geleden
That air compressor will need some fresh air. I'm pretty sure it needs so much fresh air
Jakey Built Fabrication
Jakey Built Fabrication 16 dagen geleden
Your boy is not actually living in your shed like bubbles
Shawn Bystrom
Shawn Bystrom 18 dagen geleden
Boost the shed and daily it
Gregory Jones
Gregory Jones 21 dag geleden
Coming soon to a track near you. The MR2.0
River Sharp
River Sharp 21 dag geleden
Soon you will have company with the beezs that will join you No the hell not your drinking Busch beer dam dude I didn't know it was that bad for you bro I know about you living in the shed and shit but I guess the rock bottom was the Busch beer
River Sharp
River Sharp 21 dag geleden
Well don't be surprised when the cops kick the shop doors down I can't believe your are making moonshine rite In the shop is not one wondering what the f**k up with that and how is it ok with the check 5.0
River Sharp
River Sharp 21 dag geleden
About broke dude neck on that one lol killer you guys
Thomas Vittetoe
Thomas Vittetoe 21 dag geleden
How much is a ticket round trip
Kyan Pannowitz
Kyan Pannowitz 23 dagen geleden
It would be so cool to see the twins on the red mr2!
Shanda Parsley
Shanda Parsley 23 dagen geleden
Question for the boisted bozy i have a 2005 eclipse gs recently gave it to my 16 year old son he wants to turbo it motor has 125,000 on the motor how much boost and size turbo you think stock engine take before its too much for it
Tim Moroz
Tim Moroz 23 dagen geleden
Two turbos is better than one, more POWA
MrMattyDucati 24 dagen geleden
Good move!
Ramdom-Addictionz P
Ramdom-Addictionz P 24 dagen geleden
This new set up personally is exactly what the car needs
Franky Flavio
Franky Flavio 25 dagen geleden
is there anything phong cant do!?
Justin Anderson
Justin Anderson 25 dagen geleden
The mr2 needs a sbf in it. Deff put twin on red mr2.
andrew freer
andrew freer 25 dagen geleden
slow 4door
slow 4door 25 dagen geleden
Should give it all the beans before the next transformation
Jeff Omalley
Jeff Omalley 25 dagen geleden
Lol gonna need a ac up in the new crib.
Jeff Omalley
Jeff Omalley 25 dagen geleden
@5:00 Oh mylant. Would ya just look at those sexy seats.
Jeff Omalley
Jeff Omalley 25 dagen geleden
Devin Powers
Devin Powers 25 dagen geleden
He literally puts the car together drives it has a couple problems and goes to a big single setup or whatever. Must be nice to have that kind of money
DsmtDre1320 25 dagen geleden
I wanna be 1st 67mm sfwd in the 7
Nick Vasil
Nick Vasil 25 dagen geleden
Can’t believe Kyle got him sleeping in a shed.... some friend
PA Tuners
PA Tuners 26 dagen geleden
Finally single turbo.
Uriel Jimenez
Uriel Jimenez 26 dagen geleden
I miss the Kyle and Emilio duo you can see the connection is still there.
nunya binis
nunya binis 26 dagen geleden
FF about 5 minutes to skip over both Kyle and Brent repeating "see ya soon" a few dozen times.
Gabriel Guerrero
Gabriel Guerrero 26 dagen geleden
Looks like the red mr2 could use an upgrade and another turbo
214 Deleon
214 Deleon 26 dagen geleden
Soo what you bringing down to houston?!?
SneekinNeek 26 dagen geleden
does covid just not exist in florida or what
Joe Cool
Joe Cool 26 dagen geleden
Dude its ok. The new MR2 is going to be sick.
Naithan Sischo
Naithan Sischo 26 dagen geleden
Put the k24 in the red car have a sick daily twin setup
william deaton
william deaton 26 dagen geleden
Should just do bigger twins and fab new charge pipes. Spray it down track and thrash that record. Or leave the set up and spray the house down and get it...
Dustin Yeoman
Dustin Yeoman 26 dagen geleden
Roman, missing Roman.
bullhead360 26 dagen geleden
Gato Performance made that turbo manifold; his shop is 5 minutes from my house. He makes some badass shit.
Russellkirky 26 dagen geleden
The unadvised gondola phenotypically flower because mexican respectively spill at a guttural H habitual fur. grateful gratis, plastic light
Rc Drifts
Rc Drifts 26 dagen geleden
love to see a new version of bubbles new shed
Jordan Garcia
Jordan Garcia 26 dagen geleden
Why he living like Bubbles when he could be in that big-ass house?
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 26 dagen geleden
It's a joke.
antonio aragon
antonio aragon 26 dagen geleden
Inform everyone about the !! RPM ACT !!
PurpleVacca 26 dagen geleden
Why will kyle not go kfrank. K24 bottom k20a head big displacement and best flowing head
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson 26 dagen geleden
EPA , serious!!!!! You have a following there trying to take race cars , and make it against the law to have , drive or own!!!!!
Vince Lalonde
Vince Lalonde 26 dagen geleden
Stick that set up on the red Mr2 that would be sick
C G 26 dagen geleden
Wyatt bro... Weightless is real! Good for you man that belly got busted. Kyle's a slim trim so u guess if you 2 share eating habits and do the same activities it's hound to make you healthier! :) word. Looking trim boss! From a guy who himself wouldn't mind loosing a couple stone!
Honda Land
Honda Land 27 dagen geleden
I just went to buy to hoodie and ended up with a shirt! Support your favorite creators. I'm one of those guys that has all his shirts from freaking high school. and now that I've been able to save and kinda enjoy life a little bit when creators come out with shirts i get them and I'm starting to build a collection of creator shirts. I still think that NLposts is the best tv. TV back in the day you could not interact with the people on the screen like this and when you bought merch the money didn't go just to the creator. Thank you for doing everything you do Kyle!
MR_ JZ_12
MR_ JZ_12 27 dagen geleden
the fastest aussie car is still running the normal stroke 2.4? Looking forward to seeing how this car goes with new motor.
Dan I.T. GUY
Dan I.T. GUY 27 dagen geleden
Why Not Put a K20 in the MR2 , rebuild and put the K24 in Razzle Dazzle! BOOOOMMM!! Wheelie Monster!
Cols Sim
Cols Sim 27 dagen geleden
YOU CAN HANG YOUR HAT On Bububutba. If kyle says your hang on.. ITS FLORIDA MAN Butbabutbaknow.
1979 MUTP
1979 MUTP 27 dagen geleden
I would love to see the twins on an all wheel drive red ek.hatch. awd needs torque right?
Justin Credible
Justin Credible 27 dagen geleden
Was hoping Kyle would be able to snatch that record with the twin set up, then go to the big single and shoot for that 7
Justin Credible
Justin Credible 27 dagen geleden
Wyatt needs a bunk bed for him and all his kitties.
jaakko200987654321 27 dagen geleden
you need to put the twins on the red mr2
jaakko200987654321 27 dagen geleden
or the whole motor into wago, imagine twin turbo awd civic wagon
Lewis Radbourn
Lewis Radbourn 27 dagen geleden
Kyle ... the k24 has been having dramas with the head as in valves at high revs .. Now the k20 will rev higher , so what are you going to do about the valves at a higher rev?
Barnyard Racing
Barnyard Racing 27 dagen geleden
I just got a 30 min ad with some 8-10 year old little girl playing a life sim video with horrible graphics who yawned 2000 times and said very little. I was so enamoured and it was 4 am so I actually watched it...
Mjr Burn
Mjr Burn 27 dagen geleden
You've came so far with that car and you've done it by trusting your gut when others said there was no way it'd go as fast as it already has. With the new set up my prediction is you'll finally have the Wheelies under control do to the change in torque and that's going to translate into confidence on the launch. The higher RPM of the K20 is going to help just like you said in being able to stay in 4th longer. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that an eliminated shift directly translates into better times. Staying in power versus having to shift, even with a sequential, is always better. I think it's a good call and as hard as you've worked on this I really want to see you get that record. Truly hope it works out the way you have it planned. Bottom line is, it's your ride and you know her better than anyone else. I'm getting excited for you because I think this decision is going to get you that record and more... Sorry for the TLDR Post but I really am excited for you young man, you got this. You're gut hasn't let you down so far and I'm betting it won't now...
young11984 27 dagen geleden
Just put some 3/8” OSB inside the shed, it will make that compressor near mute since any resonance against the metal will be eliminated by the OSB
George Bilyarski
George Bilyarski 27 dagen geleden
I am sensing some sarcasm possibly aimed at a certain someone that recently parted ways with Kyle! Maybe I’m wrong....
Wd Landscaping
Wd Landscaping 27 dagen geleden
Keep the eBay turbo theme tho !!!!!
Pentagon 27 dagen geleden
Please mention the rpm act, our lives are under fire
Tom Marshall
Tom Marshall 27 dagen geleden
You guys should put the mr2's old set up in the freedom civic
Greg Scott
Greg Scott 27 dagen geleden
You were so close to the record.... seems like a few steps backwards but sometimes you just have to do that to make a huge leap forward. Good luck man. Looking forward to seeing you have the fastest MR2 in the world.
ford 6.0 life!!!
ford 6.0 life!!! 27 dagen geleden
great decision!!!!!in it to win it!!!’
Jacob Nantz
Jacob Nantz 27 dagen geleden
Klive Hood
Klive Hood 27 dagen geleden
Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garcia 27 dagen geleden
Rebuild the K24 and throw it in the Razzle Dazzle. Problem Solved!
Brayden Olsen
Brayden Olsen 27 dagen geleden
Hey I wanted to ask you to pleaserecognize the current problem with the EPA and banning all motor modifications we are quickly losing many performance shops from this and could lose all modifications soon so please spread the word of the RPM ACT
Roberto Torres
Roberto Torres 27 dagen geleden
Do I ture of the inside of the hous
Todd Dooley
Todd Dooley 27 dagen geleden
Looking forward to the new build K!
guido heeling
guido heeling 27 dagen geleden
I think Phong is really going to catch a gator!😂
Thatclappedaccord 27 dagen geleden
Y’all please mention something about the epa and rpm act thank you save our race cars!
Sammy Aparicio
Sammy Aparicio 27 dagen geleden
🤦‍♂️!!!!!!!!Rp act is crazy right now be careful !!!!!!!!🤦‍♂️
Brandon Rodriguez
Brandon Rodriguez 27 dagen geleden
Talk about the epa trying to cancel cars!!
J garfield Garza
J garfield Garza 27 dagen geleden
I vote for a spare MR2 motor!!! Haha
Kaiden Wilkins
Kaiden Wilkins 27 dagen geleden
Too bad soon if more people don’t speak up about the rpm act there will be no more videos like this.
caibonesjones jones
caibonesjones jones 27 dagen geleden
Hey all can you please sight the RPM Act to save itsjustasixes cars and other NLposts creators cars i would appreciate it if you could
james waggoner
james waggoner 27 dagen geleden
and they could hide from a blizzard lol with you
Matt in the Hat
Matt in the Hat 27 dagen geleden
The twin setup needs to be mounted on the wall with the framed 8.32 slip for all to see when they visit. Not stored on a shelf
Cutter Fink
Cutter Fink 27 dagen geleden
EPA needs to be talked about so we can have our race cars
malachi4169 27 dagen geleden
Can you guys do a segment or touch base on the epa and rpm act as you guys are prominent and popular figures in the automotive community it would be very kind of you guys to speak your truth on what's potentially happening to the automotive community. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication . Keep up the great work and amazing content.
cleric670 27 dagen geleden
TT the red one but make it 100% daily driver and shoot for reliability.
Austin Teeter
Austin Teeter 27 dagen geleden
I want see more street races in Mexico like the good ole days of your channel
cleric670 27 dagen geleden
You're good on the strapping, gotta have one strap within 36" of the box, then at least one strap every 10'.
YoungNBoosted 27 dagen geleden
Waiting for ebay's comment: "Should've sent it"
Guinness AFA
Guinness AFA 27 dagen geleden
Definitely would have picked the k24 destroked option as the longer rods would help with high rpm dwell.
Nick Psutka
Nick Psutka 28 dagen geleden
ignafiltro 28 dagen geleden
10 videos later: QUAD EBAY TURBOS
ignafiltro 28 dagen geleden
*sponsored by eBay*
Mack M
Mack M 28 dagen geleden
Kyle is a thiccc boi hahahaha
Garrett Havens
Garrett Havens 28 dagen geleden
Gives u time to fix cage buddy
S St
S St 28 dagen geleden
Like the episode, might be too late but put expansion coupling on that horizontal run down garage, it will stop it from spaghettiing over time allow it to expand and contract with weather. " might be a little noisy in a hurricane" lol 😆🤣. Red MR2 for sure, seems you put some feelings in that manifold keep it, worst case hang it on wall for show 😉😜. Keep pushing your dedication we will be watching!
Jason Weills
Jason Weills 28 dagen geleden
1uz swap mr2
Brent Codling
Brent Codling 28 dagen geleden
Spray foam if it’s too loud
devin ej8
devin ej8 28 dagen geleden
Put the twins on the red mr2 bro then you get to continue to enjoy your hard work on that setup and it would be wat you were going to do with the white one.
Stephon Thomas
Stephon Thomas 28 dagen geleden
did he and Emilio break up?
dopesquatch 28 dagen geleden
Put a long drain to the outside of the shed from the bottom of the air tank for ease of water removal
Dre Moore
Dre Moore 28 dagen geleden
Why can’t you do two big turbos? They just won’t spool? Couldn’t you do a compound setup like those diesel guys do? I’m super high right now so I’m just throwing shit out there 😅
Mr Cheeka
Mr Cheeka 28 dagen geleden
“Put the eBay turbos back on eBay” 🤫😂
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