Twin Turbo S14's New Engine Comes to Life!

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D- Tuned
D- Tuned 4 dagen geleden
Hey Kyle check the ground wires on each injector I have a 1990 Tacoma it has a common issue of the ground wire on the injector going bad and causing the injectors to either not fire or fire all at the same time that could be the problem I’ve been depinning the injector ground rewireing as far up the harnesses I can get without pulling it havnt finished yet but could be a factor on why their not firing you know as well as I do Honda’s love their ground wires
Peter Dexter
Peter Dexter 5 dagen geleden
Time for a rywire harness
Victor Vasquez
Victor Vasquez 5 dagen geleden
Maybe the hatch needs a new main relay 🤷🏻‍♂️
Dare 09
Dare 09 5 dagen geleden
What is with BMW, you started to fix German cars 😁
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 5 dagen geleden
It's one of Kyle's new Florida friend's car. It has a LS swap.
Lance Johnson
Lance Johnson 5 dagen geleden
Ready for the hatch makeover!
Louis-Félix Germain
Louis-Félix Germain 6 dagen geleden
why does brent talk like a texan now lmaoo
Rubin Appleton
Rubin Appleton 6 dagen geleden
The crew getting it
cory williams
cory williams 6 dagen geleden
Anyone else see that right turbo stop spinning as soon as they shut off the motor
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 5 dagen geleden
Those turbos have had a lot of metal shavings in them. They're the MR2's old, old turbos.
Travis Gustin
Travis Gustin 6 dagen geleden
U can get a new battery for that jump box on eBay it’s just a jump n carry jump box with a max sticker on it. 35 bones
Youre Mom
Youre Mom 6 dagen geleden
Thank yall so much for signing my shirt that my buddies got me man I couldnt get a ticket and that made my day getting the picture of the shirt signed to me *loud silver tc here lol
ImportRacer4Life 7 dagen geleden
You can just tell that Brent really gave it his all and the fact he still said he had fun is all you need to know about Brent. Man is the most humble down to earth dude there is.
signl sirchir
signl sirchir 7 dagen geleden
You don't need a new jump box you need a new battery for the jump box, get brent on that and teach these kids how to be frugal beyond buying china turbski's a new jump box is = to 2 turbos, a battery is like 55 bucks.
signl sirchir
signl sirchir 7 dagen geleden
or hook up with electroboom and build a capacitor booster pack.
TGoD xWarrior
TGoD xWarrior 7 dagen geleden
What happened to Leslie
Mart Flynn
Mart Flynn 7 dagen geleden
john smith
john smith 7 dagen geleden
I have the same jump box and it went bad and I fixed it with a $35 battery off of Amazon. If you take the jump box apart you'll find that The battery is identical to the ones in electric cars that kids ride around in.
j dub
j dub 7 dagen geleden
What happened to every day video this week.
Mik3 5959
Mik3 5959 7 dagen geleden
@boostedboiz. Kyle. Were you in the crowd on the tv show blue collar backers when they opened the bike store in Denver? Store was called Elevate? I swear it looked and sounded like you but it was quick
Colter Losco
Colter Losco 7 dagen geleden
So I was at Cleetus And Cars today and they had a 2-step battle with some rotaries and something happened to s14 but I was confused cause I didn't know what actually happened but the s14 just kinda shut off and smoke was coming from the engine so……
Jose Turcios
Jose Turcios 7 dagen geleden
When are we going to get Kyle to a milli?
Jake Kology
Jake Kology 7 dagen geleden
Hayden think he hard now but got no abs 🤣💀💀
Jennifer Gregory
Jennifer Gregory 7 dagen geleden
I think your bearings are bad in the driver's side turbo. I could be wrong. But probably not.
Daniel Castillo
Daniel Castillo 7 dagen geleden
Living next too Boosted Boiz would be like a symphony! The sounds of two steps in the morning ahhh
kohit7 7 dagen geleden
Damn I have to work out. I'm looking fatter than Hayden now.
BigsDeluxe 7 dagen geleden
I want the OG jumpbox!!
Elias Fraire
Elias Fraire 7 dagen geleden
I think the batter is on backward on the hatch
Kendall O'Neal
Kendall O'Neal 7 dagen geleden
Go with a noco jump box the 300$ one will start a diesel with no batts
Cody Lemieux
Cody Lemieux 7 dagen geleden
Kyle!!! Please do a K series V 8 build, uses two k series heads on a v 8 block
Jackson Rohr
Jackson Rohr 7 dagen geleden
That driver side turbos bearings are shot
MrGixxer1300r 7 dagen geleden
Nice the s14 sounds great!!!!
Beefy Plays
Beefy Plays 7 dagen geleden
I still can't believe that of all the NLpostsrs, especially with all the history BoostedBoiz has with the crew, that the Boiz is only just about to hit a million subscribers. I've been here a good 4 years now and the content just gets rowdy every week! You guys have come a long way man, keep it up! Hopefully one day I'll be able to come to Florida man, the car scene is lit there!
Zero Enth
Zero Enth 7 dagen geleden
You're whole moon tune evolution has been great. And I know it will continue to be great. You have great friends, after all.
Jared Appleton
Jared Appleton 7 dagen geleden
Try change a little gray box under the dashboard I had a circle track Honda and the rain got into that gray box and the car couldn't start changed it and back in action
Dan H
Dan H 7 dagen geleden
I think the hatch deserves a face lift. Maybe some garage idiot beautification!
snikwad003 7 dagen geleden
Just like all of your cars your jump box simply needs a new battery
Pablo chaves
Pablo chaves 7 dagen geleden
What the hatch wants is a full re build!!!🔥🔥🔥
sebastien rivest
sebastien rivest 7 dagen geleden
at 8:05 the turbo wheel stopped right away on one side haha
cleric670 7 dagen geleden
Did anyone ever test the actual noid light to see if it even works?
Riley Bruh
Riley Bruh 7 dagen geleden
wayne elliott
wayne elliott 8 dagen geleden
I had the same issue as the hatch. The voltage from the ignition switch the ecu is low. Either change the ignition switch or run a hot wire to the ecu
Jesse Allen
Jesse Allen 8 dagen geleden
That left turbo stoped really quick when you shut it off
Screw Bigtech
Screw Bigtech 8 dagen geleden
I wonder if those keepers are made from cheap CHY-NA metal that's why everyone having issues with them???
Muzza Miki
Muzza Miki 8 dagen geleden
Ive been gone a while wheres emilio??
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 7 dagen geleden
Now that Kyle has hired Wyatt as his full time mechanic, Emilio is no longer Kyle's employee. Emilio's still around from time to time, (Such as the previous video) but now, he's mostly on his own channel: Emilio's World
TheCrazySquirell 8 dagen geleden
Get a damnned Noco Boost pack! Forget those ancient lead-acid packs, they suck compared to the new lithium ones. You won't regret having one!
Dre Moore
Dre Moore 8 dagen geleden
15:01 my f’n guy!!
Caleb Dorn
Caleb Dorn 8 dagen geleden
The driver side turbo it’s blown
Tony Ross
Tony Ross 8 dagen geleden
Leaf on the bonnet of Derek's car is cool
FatSleepyPanda 8 dagen geleden
Check your fuses
K20rotrex 8 dagen geleden
Lucky you have a harness guy WIT
Rufino Cortes
Rufino Cortes 8 dagen geleden
Been having a real shit week and seeing kyle phong brent tom reminds me we cant do it alone and some of the best comes from what we dont know
Joshua Sawyer
Joshua Sawyer 8 dagen geleden
Brent is so humble. Bring the civic back!!
team speedway 864 car club
team speedway 864 car club 8 dagen geleden
For real check the main relay they good at giving spark but no injector
team speedway 864 car club
team speedway 864 car club 8 dagen geleden
You check the main relay
BryDuhBikeGuy 8 dagen geleden
With the twins,and the fire blowing pipes,I was thinking it's time for you to name...'The Draggin Prince"?edit=omage to The Prince too."Purple Raine".I think the fire breathing Dragon fits better as The Draggin Prince will be rolling smoke,and the flames....
Joseph Curtin
Joseph Curtin 8 dagen geleden
Oh my god Heidi! 😆🤣
Izzy johnas
Izzy johnas 8 dagen geleden
Lol Brent’s like shut up and let me work 😂😂
Cory Silver
Cory Silver 8 dagen geleden
Dude name this car "squid" that intake to turbo legit looks like one lol because leroy is already taken obviously
Waltz Way
Waltz Way 8 dagen geleden
Add grounds to the H, starter, tranny, and thermostat, I had the same problem.
Anthony Horn
Anthony Horn 8 dagen geleden
Mac tools should give u a discount on a new one when u trade the old one in
Tanner Dillin
Tanner Dillin 8 dagen geleden
Kyle y’all should make the hatch your all motor car. That would be sick!!!!
JayC 8 dagen geleden
mac is lifetime warrenty no??
Kings_ Nemesis
Kings_ Nemesis 8 dagen geleden
The hatch doesn't wanna start cause she's alittle upset about not being driven
Clay KN4NIL 8 dagen geleden
Omg, that first fire up of the S14 with NO skip. That stuff is irreplaceable. I know that had to be high fives through the shop.
Clay KN4NIL 8 dagen geleden
I got $200 for that signed cowboy hat of Brents.
BoostOnly 8 dagen geleden
Just put a new battery in the jump box
Dre Moore
Dre Moore 8 dagen geleden
I feel like when you finally figure out the hatch it will be something that you took for another car 😅
Yellow Rice
Yellow Rice 8 dagen geleden
Open the Jump box. The battery will have a part# then search it on eBay or amazon. It’s what I did with the one I had.
Noah Damoose
Noah Damoose 8 dagen geleden
What’s Heidi’s Instagram I need pics of my cars
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 8 dagen geleden
Priya Samanta
Priya Samanta 8 dagen geleden
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Troy Turner
Troy Turner 8 dagen geleden
18k til 1 million!!
Tom 8 dagen geleden
You know you can just replace the internal battery on the jumpbox right...
Zachary Prosper
Zachary Prosper 8 dagen geleden
I couldn't find your camera girl on ig. Please help me out
Budget Boost DIY
Budget Boost DIY 8 dagen geleden
The mac tools jump box take just take the battery out and replace it and save a bunch of cash.Dont buy a new one over a dead jumper box battery.
James Bowling
James Bowling 8 dagen geleden
how hard would it be to change the battery in the jump box?
Darryl Kujat
Darryl Kujat 8 dagen geleden
that drivers side turbo sure stopped spinning quickly...
Coyote Riders
Coyote Riders 8 dagen geleden
Light/Blue and White OBD2/b CPS
THE Aquarian
THE Aquarian 8 dagen geleden
Fuel Tech it 👍
Isaac Gutierrez
Isaac Gutierrez 8 dagen geleden
Wyatt tryna give Heidi that cosby in a can💀😂
Who Are You?
Who Are You? 8 dagen geleden
The boy is almost at 1M.
Adam Chapman
Adam Chapman 8 dagen geleden
Wounder what valve retainer Tom had that mest up.thanks for the post keep up the great work from Canada.
Nestor Lugo
Nestor Lugo 8 dagen geleden
Just replace battery in the jumpbox don't throw it out! Or send it to me I'll pay the shipping
DB2 Alex
DB2 Alex 8 dagen geleden
I had a similar issue on my 92 integra and I replaced the harness with a rywire one and still wouldn’t fire so I found out for some reason the ground wire on my main relay wasn’t making no ground so I cut it and regrounded it and it fired right up
Martijn Peek
Martijn Peek 8 dagen geleden
After shutting off the 240 the left turbo stopped almost immediately and the right one kept spinning, curious to see how long it takes before it stops spinning completely
K Lucifer
K Lucifer 8 dagen geleden
Time for fueltech ecu,coil packs,new harness and awd the hatch...its an og car.we need to see it get some lovinh
Peter Balotti
Peter Balotti 8 dagen geleden
I was just having the same issue with my h22. One of my wires on the chassis side that plugs into the resistor box came un pinned. Not sure if your running a resistor box.
Daddy Fku
Daddy Fku 8 dagen geleden
It's the injector box or a fuse..
Blake Milton
Blake Milton 8 dagen geleden
Orileys oil in the race car lol
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 8 dagen geleden
Rip Charlie ogs know
Thomas 8 dagen geleden
Sell the H22 setup on your site! Auction style!!!
Thomas 8 dagen geleden
Dude! Skill level over 9,000 with that oil pour!!!
O Rated
O Rated 8 dagen geleden
I think Kyle needs to spend time contacting potential sponsors. Some things small like Jump Boxes, Wire Harness.. etc should be easy to get for a channel this size. I seen other channels get Jump Boxes, etc and they barely use them.
adam s
adam s 8 dagen geleden
adam s
adam s 8 dagen geleden
I'd like to see me Tom.. lol idk why but he geeks me out , I like that dude
Connor Sherwood
Connor Sherwood 8 dagen geleden
Send me that jump box I will fix it and send it back
adam s
adam s 8 dagen geleden
Kyle may miss 3rd but he can do a hella funnel less pour
keep It Interesting
keep It Interesting 8 dagen geleden
Never seen Brent so low on energy lol 😆already been a good time in Florida im guessing
Austin Doud
Austin Doud 8 dagen geleden
Fuel tech on the hatch
AudiDUB _
AudiDUB _ 8 dagen geleden
They definitely not ladies mans
Tyler Gotchall
Tyler Gotchall 8 dagen geleden
If I don’t remember it didn’t happen lol
J N 8 dagen geleden
My girlfriend is telling me she's crushing on kyle lol
IconickGG G
IconickGG G 8 dagen geleden
the neighbor kid is probably in heaven right now
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