Travis Pastrana Meets The Rowdyssey! (1000Hp Minivan)

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yasio bolo
yasio bolo 10 uur geleden
So good to see you and emilo just you two chilling on camara like the old days man supporting from the uk
Nirotix 12 uur geleden
Freedom Factory Crash Fest. Lol. Too good.
Jeremy Landrum
Jeremy Landrum 14 uur geleden
almost at 1mill!!! lets go boizz!!!!
Darrick Wise
Darrick Wise 18 uur geleden
Every time I see brent he is having the greatest day hell yeah bro stress releaver
Glenn McCool
Glenn McCool Dag geleden
Was tha #80 with a cheat across the feild
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 10 uur geleden
Brent is the best dude in the world
james scott
james scott Dag geleden
You could definitely see Kyle was freaking out on the inside meeting Travis Pastrana but hell I would be to travis is a legend
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Dag geleden
Brent and Jaime are savages! They kicked ass to get the car fixed. I was so stoked to see Kevin win! I either wanted Brent or Kevin to win!
Kyle Brace
Kyle Brace Dag geleden
The s13 needs a front need for shore when you put a new lump in there
Kyle Brace
Kyle Brace Dag geleden
I wish my life was like yours your so lucky to have your mates around and all your fans and supporters you but you’ve come a really long way well done keep up the good work
Riley Goodenough
Riley Goodenough Dag geleden
Why fwd need a wheelie bar
Chris Rankin
Chris Rankin Dag geleden
Why do you need a wheelie bar if its fwd
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Dag geleden
Heavy D bag, sheesh. What a guy.
Bryce Nappa
Bryce Nappa Dag geleden
I feel like Travis is that dude that really didn’t forget where he came from. It doesn’t look like money or fame has changed him one bit.
Good Vibrations
Good Vibrations Dag geleden
Travis Pastrana, 16:40
LuShiesty Dag geleden
RESPECT TO BRENT ♥️♥️♥️🦾 he definitely knows how to love hes ppl
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Dag geleden
At least he control arm broke on launch and not at 160+ MPH.
David Windsor
David Windsor 2 dagen geleden
He ripped Ruby. Why not the min van
Dennis S
Dennis S 2 dagen geleden
Brent is what everyone should aspire to be
Tory hogg
Tory hogg 2 dagen geleden
a wheelie bar on a FWD drag car lol
tyler matthews
tyler matthews 2 dagen geleden
Brent is the best dude in the world
I'm A Planet That You've Never Seen Before
I'm A Planet That You've Never Seen Before 2 dagen geleden
Pastrana approved. Cleetus approved. Hurt approved. Hoonigan approval pending.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Dag geleden
Travis is a cool dude.
Cameron Cook
Cameron Cook 2 dagen geleden
I loved the fly over when he sung the anthem
Johny Action
Johny Action 2 dagen geleden
Travis reaction to Rowdyssey incoming :)
KFC66 2 dagen geleden
Is it just me or does it sound weird when Travis says "My kids will love that". Boomer 199
Tom W
Tom W 2 dagen geleden
Tom and Brent need to be protected at all cost. Those two are such great people!
PanchSteezey 2 dagen geleden
Heavy D bag, sheesh. What a guy.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 2 dagen geleden
I feel for Tom, he can’t catch a break.... no pun intended.
Gold Plated Junk
Gold Plated Junk 2 dagen geleden
12:26 who’s captain obvious lol
Gold Plated Junk
Gold Plated Junk 2 dagen geleden
Go low go low 🙅🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️I mean high
danemania001 2 dagen geleden
Why is there a wheelie bar on a fwd car
Andrew Willis
Andrew Willis 2 dagen geleden
Yeah that you constantly have problems with your cars and it because you do these temporary fixes then never actually fix it and half build everything and run them off a jump box and cables instead of finishing them
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 2 dagen geleden
Tom: I know he's down Travis: Yes
TexRobNC 2 dagen geleden
Those of us in the sim racing community know better, the Pros are often the absolute worst for being "overly enthusiastic", and not willing to give an inch, etc
Sam k
Sam k 3 dagen geleden
Kyle to Tom "Dad I want a picture with Travis" plz plz plz Tom......
kujhk05 3 dagen geleden
Travis is a cool dude.
The Postman live
The Postman live 3 dagen geleden
Meditation, 144, I got you spiritually woke ones!!! 144,000
RickieRickRack 3 dagen geleden
The Speedway !
Connor 3 dagen geleden
Nobody can say it enough Brent is such a good dude
BFKAnthony817 3 dagen geleden
Damn, never thought I would hear Brent drop the F bomb hahaha! He was super pissed off to say that!
C4k3 T0otz
C4k3 T0otz 3 dagen geleden
Nothing makes me happier than seeing all my favorite youtubers having fun at one bad ass event.
HELLO 3 dagen geleden
Yo intros to me show all the character
Stevie price
Stevie price 3 dagen geleden
Sketchy Built
Sketchy Built 3 dagen geleden
Did anyone think to just use a set vise grips on the rubber brake line and clamp it closed instead of all that wood block non sense 🤔
Nick C
Nick C 3 dagen geleden
bruh bret is such a positive sincere guy. never seen him not smiling or encouraging other people
Jordan Borths
Jordan Borths 3 dagen geleden
Pastrana reminds me of a Steve-O w/o drugs
Joe danero
Joe danero 3 dagen geleden
Tom: I know he's down Travis: Yes
imkulcha 3 dagen geleden
Holy Hicksville Batman
Timothy Dulan
Timothy Dulan 3 dagen geleden
Phong looks so O.G.!!!!!!
Destroyers 3 dagen geleden
Car Guy66
Car Guy66 3 dagen geleden
We need to see a v8 made of 2 honda engines
Jeanpierre fleurie
Jeanpierre fleurie 4 dagen geleden
Nice to see you and amilio still hanging.... life does change and keeping friends aint easy
mark lewis
mark lewis 4 dagen geleden
If you found a different tuner it would change your my opinion...
Mike G
Mike G 4 dagen geleden
is this cleetus track?
Bret Hayes
Bret Hayes 4 dagen geleden
Just wondering why a wheelie bar on a front wheel drive
Foame Razboinic
Foame Razboinic 4 dagen geleden
the reason why i owned a 04 wrx is because of travis...the reason why i totaled it was because of ken...
J L 4 dagen geleden
Covid 500
Tommy Amaro
Tommy Amaro 4 dagen geleden
This is at the bradenton motorspeedway?
Barlowjmb 4 dagen geleden
“My kids would love that.” Hahahahaha.
Tony Decko
Tony Decko 4 dagen geleden
you know you are getting old when travis says " my kids would love that"
Matt Rogers
Matt Rogers 4 dagen geleden
Travis always has time for a fan. He’s such a great guy.
Relax Gringo
Relax Gringo 4 dagen geleden
Anyone else see jack from joogsquad?
SHAWN D 4 dagen geleden
Looking like the biggest fan boy meeting Travis Pastrana 😎 also I think its more like he'd give you a ride in the Rowdyssey.😂
DKLONGHORN 4 dagen geleden
Professionals are professionals because they're competitive, that along with loose rules and it's a recipe for madness.
J. Matt Clinch
J. Matt Clinch 4 dagen geleden
Should have told Travis that the van was his ride to the!!!
Nick Boucher
Nick Boucher 4 dagen geleden
Y'all making moves. And they are so on point. What y'all doing is working.... Brent bud you have a heart, and passion of gold.
Big Bad John
Big Bad John 4 dagen geleden
Very cool to see this channel grow!!!
Your Fan
Your Fan 4 dagen geleden
#98 on the inside damnnnnn
Your Fan
Your Fan 4 dagen geleden
Front wheel Accord drag car. That's very complicated. lul
Your Fan
Your Fan 4 dagen geleden
Are BoostedBoiz still cool in 2021 they better be rich
Octavian Chear
Octavian Chear 4 dagen geleden
Demolition ranch you know that legend
Connor Dun
Connor Dun 4 dagen geleden
Evolution from garage shop civic to getting to race with names like Travis Pastrana. Wonderful to see this group blow up!
Zephairein 4 dagen geleden
maybe its just me not knowing enough about the sport but why on earth would you need a wheelie bar on a front engine front wheel drive car just for added stability?
Mitch Whitehall
Mitch Whitehall 4 dagen geleden
I freaking love Brent
TANGOxWHISKEY 4 dagen geleden
BS Title
Oscar Ozzy
Oscar Ozzy 4 dagen geleden
Im fangirling over Travis..... Is Kyles video....
Amber Powell
Amber Powell 4 dagen geleden
Let travis drive it to get the oh shit look hahaha.
Matt Schott
Matt Schott 4 dagen geleden
Im smiling so big for ya Kyle! Seeing youre reaction to Travis seeing the rowdessy made my day!
Pfeen 4 dagen geleden
this content is so raw love it
C-Train 4 dagen geleden
heavy d was taking folks out... hopefully they leave him wherever hes from next race
Danny Szura
Danny Szura 4 dagen geleden
Why do you need a wheelie bar on a front wheel drive drag car
Rizwan Nawazish
Rizwan Nawazish 4 dagen geleden
That hair cut and the blower tho 🙅😂
Dark 4 dagen geleden
Shouldnt the wheelie bar be in the front for FWD
BigHarry Kochenbauls
BigHarry Kochenbauls 4 dagen geleden
10:48 awe poor Cleetus "Karen" McFarland is gonna cry about that grass
chris77777777ify 4 dagen geleden
Why does a front wheel drive drag car need a wheelie bar. ?!?!? WTF Getting Travis to meet the car was pretty lame. No offence. You should of just left that bit out. All this vlogging is getting out of hand quite frankly. No only joking, But that was quite lame & ball sucking
Jerron Moh'd
Jerron Moh'd 4 dagen geleden
What was the reason for boostedboiz not being able to enter the race? Never found out why. No hard feelings just curious lol
No 4 dagen geleden
LILdrinky drinks at end of video you can tell yall are all buzzed watch it when sober hilarious
Rc Tastic
Rc Tastic 4 dagen geleden
The smile on your face with Travis... awsome man
Chris Hill
Chris Hill 4 dagen geleden
Where ya get those sweet shades
youngbloodmoney27 4 dagen geleden
3:59 epic fail 😆
Street Rage 86
Street Rage 86 4 dagen geleden
That's dope man Travis is a cool guy
al le
al le 5 dagen geleden
James idea need to bee a video
hatersaywhat 5 dagen geleden
Diesel duche ruined the show. If he's invited back, I won't be watching
Shain Clarke
Shain Clarke 5 dagen geleden
Gonzo 59
Gonzo 59 5 dagen geleden
this is the best mockery of NASCAR I have ever seen, awesome kick the big boys in the nuts this chit is fun.
Dad 5 dagen geleden
Yooo, the National Anthem and flyover gave me chills. Cleetus is the greatest man.
chloe rose gaming
chloe rose gaming 5 dagen geleden
Who thought it would be a clean race with tanner we all knew how it would go
Matthew Elliott
Matthew Elliott 5 dagen geleden
Why would a front wheel drive car need wheelie bars?
Amish Pratap Singh
Amish Pratap Singh 5 dagen geleden
they have wheelie stoper at the back, for a front wheel drive car ,,,,, are they stupid or i am missing something.
Calthecool 5 dagen geleden
Why the wheelie bar on the fwd car?
WRXBase 5 dagen geleden
It's awesome that the Freedom 500 makes EVERYONE feel like they won. When the crowd was chanting "USA! USA! USA!" I felt good.
Jani Storlöpare
Jani Storlöpare 5 dagen geleden
I wonder how many people got corona from there
Dylan Marshall
Dylan Marshall 5 dagen geleden
intresting to see people in the stands so pumped to meet you then on the other hand see you so pumped to meet travis. stay humble
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