Took The Mr2 All The Way Apart and Found NOTHING Wrong

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Just Harry Johnson
Just Harry Johnson 27 dagen geleden
Have you changed out the injector ? I few videos back thats what I thought it was.
Troy DeRoin jr
Troy DeRoin jr Maand geleden
Yah FedEx dropped my 150$ speakers off the lift gate because his hands were full thankfully he didn't crack the magnet maby try getting the heads re surfaced to there might be a warp causing the leak fasterproms does them I do believe
Fuk Yoo
Fuk Yoo Maand geleden
5:27 200mph? Funny coincidence, them galaxy budz+ he's wearing will stay in your ears at 200mph with no helmet on a motorcycle. Ask me how I know 😉
Jordan Billman
Jordan Billman Maand geleden
Don't pay haters and criticism to much mind bud do what you love... The way u want and true fans will tune in for the content u make my man. Be you and if they hate fuck em
Almighty Stattec
Almighty Stattec Maand geleden
Dont let the haters get to you brotha 💯
Noah Walters
Noah Walters Maand geleden
Maybe the injector is getting a bad signal from the electric plug not allowing the injector to full open and close ?
uptheperformace Maand geleden
Wyatt seems like a nice humble person 👍 may God bless you guys and don’t forget to give thanks to the Lord
HpNO-nightmare Maand geleden
ATTENTION: Speaking as a true boostedboiz O.G. fan, to all the new viewers take the time to go back and see how far he's come from the good ol garage days and then you will understand that he's been fucking shit up since day 1 🤣 let the boy live!! KEEP IT UP KYLE! #BOOSTEDFAMILY
Ian Harrison
Ian Harrison Maand geleden
Its ok Boiz, things happen. Don't listen to the haters, you keep doing you. My turbo k24 RSX-S would not be running now if it wasn't for the inspiration from your channel! Just got to get it to MIR now! Thanks for all the videos! -Ian from Maryland.
Zellatix Maand geleden
Do you still have that 2001 grey colored honda oddysey? lol
I THE BEOWULF Maand geleden
That face at the beginning 🤣
shensley92 Maand geleden
Amazon sucks fedex all the way if I was your driver it wouldn't be like that
Curtis Hadley
Curtis Hadley Maand geleden
You gotta post and ghost my friends. There will always be trolls and people who think they know everything. You guys are amazing keep doing what you are doing!
Skooba Steve
Skooba Steve Maand geleden
15:38 Sounded like Wyatts attempt at an aussie accent.. If anyone can pull off an aussie accent its Wyatt.. C'mon mate, ya gotta do one ..
Corey Bower
Corey Bower Maand geleden
Kyle thank u man for sending me that valve bro I love it 100%
Natasha Martinez
Natasha Martinez Maand geleden
Y’all chill in the comments for real sitting on your asses dogging on people trying to live out their dreams! SMH
BANDIT Grizzy Maand geleden
😆😆😆giving that smile I thought he was about to give a kiss to that lens 😆😆😆
BANDIT Grizzy Maand geleden
Check valve spring strength the pound per in maybe weak on that cylinder
BANDIT Grizzy Maand geleden
Hey.. dont worry bout the critics .. do what you do.. be you. Being real is what counts👍 9.99% of those critics got no room to talk.👍😉
Andrew Doiron
Andrew Doiron Maand geleden
man yall never let me down love all your videos, good or bad, its all good content! Its all trial and error till you get the bugs out. keep er up boyz.
schwags1969 Maand geleden
I like to have fun, let the haters hate and let them sink their own ship. Armchair internet warriors are the worst.
MrE Manno
MrE Manno Maand geleden
I had a noise like that once and it turned out to be a bad exhaust valve guide. Try pressurizing port with valve closed and see if air comes by seal and spring.
yurunning Maand geleden
Schnitzel: Its the RAdda radda
Kevin Sellsit
Kevin Sellsit Maand geleden
If it's not too late I would take a close look at the Vtec cam timing system and also look for a loose valve seat. I have a complete set of plastic clutch alignment tools (about 40 of them) if you want them, let me know. Just ideas, keep up the good work. Remember if you VOID all the negative comments from anyone who does not have 7 active racecars it will clean up the comments. ;)
DL Maand geleden
I'm happy you are you man, keep on keepin on ol shun 🤙
Rob Payne
Rob Payne Maand geleden
Get a little white board for each car. Tis what I do :D
David Kemper
David Kemper Maand geleden
I have a van with an exhaust leak that sounds exacly like that.
ignafiltro Maand geleden
I'm a third through, don't tell me it was an exhaust leak like some comments said...
ignafiltro Maand geleden
Man that must fucking suck. Better luck next time.
mrkazman Maand geleden
My favourite takeaway from the first scene is that Wyatt it increasing the average legit-ness of the boosted bois
mrkazman Maand geleden
Legitimacy*** as soon as I posted this,I remember there was an actual word for that.
Vincent Bigras
Vincent Bigras Maand geleden
stretch timing chain??? just try to help to give some ideas
Inclinian Maand geleden
Y'all need to settle the F down and leave kyle alone because he had a mechanical failure! This shit happens. If you can't handle someone else having a failure look at yourself, What are you failing at that you can't handle? Don't transfer your anger for yourself onto kyle! He is killin' it! You just wish you could be him. And Kyle don't be hurt bro, we love you mate!
BoostedKart Maand geleden
I dont understand why you guys are worried about Haters. You enjoy what you do. I run a 8 second 1/4 gokart and have been through the wars to get it there and brush the BS aside. Just crack on and have fun guys if your worried you dont have to post vids about people that are jealous. Keep up the good work and keep enjoying wbat your doing.
Thomas Waldorf
Thomas Waldorf Maand geleden
Man just keep having fun . youal keep on keeping on. Stay safe.
Kevin Perez
Kevin Perez Maand geleden
Where is Emilo
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 Maand geleden
On his own channel: Emilio's World
cleric670 Maand geleden
I think the bigger issue is you're constantly "robbing Peter to pay Paul" with your cars. All the constant parts swapping around the various chassis, you only have the parts for MAYBE 3 cars just just focus on those 3 cars (or however many you actually have parts for).
Alex Ballesteros
Alex Ballesteros Maand geleden
Love you so much 🥰🥰🥰
Hiboost tunez All day
Hiboost tunez All day Maand geleden
My EK will crack you in GT Sport 😂 common Boostedboiz
Hiboost tunez All day
Hiboost tunez All day Maand geleden
Hiboost tunez All day
Hiboost tunez All day Maand geleden
Jim Hiscott
Jim Hiscott Maand geleden
I see a lot of unessasary abuse these cars go through. Standing on 2 step till metal is flying out the exhaust, long burn outs, and the attitude of "send it". Then your all shocked and confused when your shit dont run right?! I been building sport compacts sense the 80's. Im 55 now still building cars. You may want to take my advice and ease up on your equipment and stop ragging it out just because you can. You will probably notice reliability will go up substantially.
David Leupitz
David Leupitz Maand geleden
Don’t know if you guys will see this but my buddy owns a exhaust shop and he has a metal tube with a rubber hose that he uses to listen for exhaust leaks or even weird engine noises. Like a doc with a stethoscope, it might help narrow down an issue in the future for you guys.
Felix Chavez
Felix Chavez Maand geleden
Ignore the trash talk that's how it's going to be but you know what Nobody's Perfect you do what you got to do if it runs it runs if it doesn't it doesn't you go through it again and repeat it again it's all about having fun and learning and live new things love you content keep up the good work
Jacob Maand geleden
Litterly f the haters s*** happens machines don't work forever all you can do is try and learn from mistakes you can tell In kyles voice hes a little down and out's all good bro
Djokkins Maand geleden
take it easy boiz, sometimes sh*t just happens. btw i miss the H-series with ebay turbo, its a much cheaper way to go than k-series in europe because we can rob some 600 series rovers of their prelude engines.
Taylor FK8
Taylor FK8 Maand geleden
make your life much better, buy a few tables. Keep the fun meter maxed
2Old2Rodeo Maand geleden
Piston slap? The noise would go away when heated up. Just a thought.
Jacob Martin
Jacob Martin Maand geleden
Idk what happened last video I always look for notifications for them didn't get that one ill look after this one but racing is racing and you could have everything right and get to the track and something always goes wrong some people don't understand that but it is what it is do the videos your way dont try to please everyone we are mostly all here for you love the content
Ziggy Perez
Ziggy Perez Maand geleden
Why were people mad? This is just home builds. And it’s a damn mini van that road all the way there
- Per Cooper’s comment, we must all support them and give many positive comments and more likes. The time and energy making NLposts videos is enormous.
Byron Brodeur
Byron Brodeur Maand geleden
Better not jump into the hatch to fast or all the smarter then everyone people will bust your balls. But hey im not like that so let get that dogbox in and rip🤟keep up the great work Kyle and crew
Hector Reyes
Hector Reyes Maand geleden
Civic amazon muffler lol on shipping
HG Channel
HG Channel Maand geleden
come on guys dont mind the comments too much. youtube will be youtube
Glenn 9K
Glenn 9K Maand geleden
Kinda sad to hear people were whining on that last vid. I thought you did the best you could with the time you had to prep that thing. Jeez...
Glenn 9K
Glenn 9K Maand geleden
And as someone who owns around 20 cars and 10 motorcycles, I know how hard it is to keep everything up and running. Splitting time and money and just.. brain capacity between it all is hard.
Ashton Reich
Ashton Reich Maand geleden
Looking for hater's comments....
Steve Stumbaugh
Steve Stumbaugh Maand geleden
New possibility for a build is the new crate engine from the Type R. Check this out.
Ncasanas21 Maand geleden
FedEx just ruined a set of coilovers I ordered for my civic. They could care less about what's inside the box, apparently.
Mark Remick
Mark Remick Maand geleden
I went back and listened to the sound, and it does sound like how a car sounds when it has no header, but only for the one cylinder. I think it could have been a leak, and a crazy one at that
Kappy Kaiju
Kappy Kaiju Maand geleden
Glad it’s ok,,, git it git it
Dylan Hallett
Dylan Hallett Maand geleden
Wyatt, put some dang safety glasses on while using that rotary tool, you can walk with a wooden leg, but you cant see with a wooden eye brother
Kronin Maand geleden
f__k the haters :P fill in the blanks
Tik-Tac-Toe Maand geleden
adapt and over come. youll get it figured out...
Scott Roberts
Scott Roberts Maand geleden
Keep up the good content Kyle! I love seeing other things included, rather than just racing. Love the jet ski and side x side content.
Craig Hatchard
Craig Hatchard Maand geleden
Your a NLpostsr not every one is going to like your content. Stop wasting time reading the comments and taking about it. Bad way to start a video.
tom hanson
tom hanson Maand geleden
Funniest shit. What a funny ass intro. Aww you sad
real music
real music Maand geleden
Keep ur head up boys and dont listen to the haters you guys are an inspiration.
LaffinBoy's Games
LaffinBoy's Games Maand geleden
Ignore the haters. If we didn't enjoy what you do, we wouldn't be here.
john j
john j Maand geleden
Im not far from were yall are ... If u need a second hand workin on cars lmk...
Yezzir Worm
Yezzir Worm Maand geleden
Broooooo Fuk Them Comment Haters From me to them for you🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽Broski you guys are Fuking Kick Ass🤜🏽🤛🏽Keep doing yall thing!
Jackson Gibson
Jackson Gibson Maand geleden
The best car channel ever!!! This channel is the whole reason I got into Honda’s and why I bought my integra.
cb dreamer
cb dreamer Maand geleden
Phong have the same head setup as you? Tom found an issue with assembly
cb dreamer
cb dreamer Maand geleden
So good working hard! Reading the comments!
L.J. Neemann
L.J. Neemann Maand geleden
you look stressed as f dude relax let the haters do there thing just create content and roll on
Thalix Maand geleden
Don't read retreaded comments! Done!
Brandon Scott
Brandon Scott Maand geleden
Love all the videos sense day one Kyle, fedex package handlers are the ones that damage the packages the most, drivers for ground and home delivery are all contacted out by fedex which most don't have insurance so having to go home to find a tub of icy hot, vic's vapor rub, and epson salt. To be short don't post a video complaining about haters then doing the same. Take care man.
mckrackin5324 Maand geleden
Fragile=Frah-hee'-lee... Also, the wild Cooper is on like every automotive NLposts channel in existence. lol
Roshan Moayed
Roshan Moayed Maand geleden
Go back to CO man!!!
Todd O’C
Todd O’C Maand geleden
The reason people get so emotional about the van right now is because we feel like Ken Brock snubbed you and didn’t give you a race ,and then right away the hoonigan crew put out that video with the fastest minivan in the world at 700 hp. That really bugs us we wanted to see you do really well we only want to see you do well people got carried away maybe They got emotional. You represent us the poor guys and you’re killing it. That’s just what I think sorry if I didn’t get every punctuation and grammar correct ,just my opinion
xFatal_HD x
xFatal_HD x Maand geleden
People will only hate all that matters is you guys stay consistent with content that others enjoy! True fans watch all vids no matter what failures or success.
John Vidito
John Vidito Maand geleden
Love the content...braking is racing. All love boosted Boyz
mckrackin5324 Maand geleden
Number 1, I don't understand why anyone thinks they have a right to complain about what you do with your time or money. Number 2, I don't understand why you'd care what they had to say. If someone gives sound technical advice, take it and maybe even say thank you. If someone is just bashing or complaining, they are just sad losers that don't deserve a moment of your time. Have fun and keep sharing. Most of us enjoy it. Whether or not you enjoy it is all that matters though.
JAO911PLIST Maand geleden
Get ignition coils from ignition projects and ngk ruthenium sparkplugs. I had alot of fun before i crashed.
Edwin Lomonaco
Edwin Lomonaco Maand geleden
Unfortunately it's to be expected. If you gain a healthy fan base you're going to get backlash. It's the double edge sword of doing what you're doing. To a degree people invest themselves in your journey. And when it turns out negatively it's disappointing.
JAO911PLIST Maand geleden
I have issues too. I crashed.
Mark Bulman
Mark Bulman Maand geleden
Keep doing it just the way you are Boiz. Nearly 1mill, you’re going to get plenty of know-it-alls.
Dylan Stassen
Dylan Stassen Maand geleden
I think we all really want to see you do the best you can. You're the leader in a lot of honda stuff. So I'm rooting for you. I can see that exhaust leak from the start of the video kyle!
Ron Buckner
Ron Buckner Maand geleden
There's no "fail" here Guy's. All you can do is try and do what you find in front you. Fun happens, and cars are a scourge on society
CreationsVibration Maand geleden
Could be worse look at comments and ratios on bidens white house videos lmaoooo
Boosted Hyundai
Boosted Hyundai Maand geleden
Stop trying for clickbate vehicles and actually make one work consistently
Anthony Ashley
Anthony Ashley Maand geleden
great videos f.. the haters! but remember safety! ie: safety glasses when cutting, stay safe guys!
FRANKO'S EJ6 Maand geleden
Nahh no way that is not a exhaust leak i say send the head to machine shop to get checked
Matt Streetman
Matt Streetman Maand geleden
cry more XD you guys have come so far in the years i been watchin. Keep it up!
bcg462 Maand geleden
Dude F the haters mostof the fun in watching the vids is the cool stuff you do even if you don't always win keep up the great work and just enjoy what you do
Artemis Maand geleden
I think it was all the excuses.
Todd on Two
Todd on Two Maand geleden
Hard to hear you feel like you need to explain any of this. It’s all really really good content man. Just keep it coming!
gary wilson
gary wilson Maand geleden
My car sounded like that when exhaust gaskets on manifold split
Robert Loyet
Robert Loyet Maand geleden
kyle wade. check out dustrunners k24 v8 in depth walk thru. there is a guy with a k24 based v8
Eric Haradon
Eric Haradon Maand geleden
Dont pay attention to the haters just keep doing what you do
Moonboy TV
Moonboy TV Maand geleden
i had a similar issue with my 93 mr2. only it wasn't a wheelie that broke it, it was a jump. but it amounted to the same kind of crap. A ghost of a problem that no one could fix. car ran perfect but would explode wheel bearings after like a thousand miles and it would literally pull the rear right tire apart. the tire would split down the middle and get pulled out in both directions. frame shops said i was good, alignment shops all said i was good. it was a pain that was never resolved
I am Joe
I am Joe Maand geleden
Im pretty sure on last video i said exhaust leak. Im still holding my ground on that.
Edward Tindall
Edward Tindall Maand geleden
Make sure to check your wrist pins you might have one oval
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