The Freedom Civic Returns! (600Hp Ripper)

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20 dagen geleden

Another day in the life!
Another day in the life! 12 dagen geleden
Literally just had this happen to me on Saturday trying to finish my boosted B damn head stud threads decided naw fam we out. Caught the action POV live on my stream....
Motor indo 30
Motor indo 30 12 dagen geleden
Reaction my i
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 13 dagen geleden
I stopped watching after I meet Kyle &. He was a total arrogant dick to me you would think people would be happy to see somebody that supports them to the fullest funny world we live in
BB's garage
BB's garage 13 dagen geleden
What was that kit he used?
Tuner Nerd
Tuner Nerd 13 dagen geleden
Amazing what a good wash can do!
Joshua Nicolai
Joshua Nicolai 14 dagen geleden
I think it's kinda funny barely anyone takes off the intake manifold when taking off a b series head I didn't and I did it my first time without thinking about it
Dan 14 dagen geleden
is anyone gonna mention all the aluminum shavings that fell into the engine it should be fine for a couple RIPS
Jose Rotary
Jose Rotary 15 dagen geleden
B series is also a no joke when they are properly built and tuned lol 💯👍👍👍
Minati Music
Minati Music 15 dagen geleden
Still waiting on that B series Geo.
Gordon Tucker
Gordon Tucker 15 dagen geleden
Skunk3 Works
Skunk3 Works 16 dagen geleden
Yo that civic is beat down but it is faster then any of your cars lmfao and anything Brent touches he destroy it lmfao
Angel B
Angel B 16 dagen geleden
I was wondering what had happened to this civic.
Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 16 dagen geleden
Transmission went in the bin
kevn vapes
kevn vapes 14 dagen geleden
We need a collab #fcukcovid 😂😂
Gordon Tucker
Gordon Tucker 15 dagen geleden
Jeff Long
Jeff Long 16 dagen geleden
Just curious anyone know about cobalts lol
viperboyy63 16 dagen geleden
Lethamyr's intro song!!!
Typical PC Tech
Typical PC Tech 16 dagen geleden
This car is feeling (wait for it) froggy!
Twiss Racing
Twiss Racing 16 dagen geleden
I wish someone would give me a civic like this wtf 🤦🏼‍♀️😭
Mark Wollander
Mark Wollander 16 dagen geleden
Was wondering what happened to it!
Chetmarek1 16 dagen geleden
Have you guys built a single jingle yet?
Matthew Taylor
Matthew Taylor 16 dagen geleden
I was hoping for some blue tape to keep debris out of the engine - no such luck.
zach bertsch
zach bertsch 16 dagen geleden
happy to see wyatt will have something to rip he deserves it
Tyler Lawrence
Tyler Lawrence 17 dagen geleden
Ohh yaaahhhh!! 😂💀
Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark 17 dagen geleden
Just listening to the @Lethamyr intro music in the background 😂
Stephen Phillip
Stephen Phillip 17 dagen geleden
Watch him get canceled for saying swapping roles is the modern thing to do theses days
Ben Cleaver
Ben Cleaver 17 dagen geleden
Sick, braaarrrpppppppp
Tim Blis
Tim Blis 17 dagen geleden
You need to come to aus and help out mighty car boys
Zengineer 17 dagen geleden
Why do I get the feeling this has something to do with an upcoming MCM collab... can it be? please? lol
Ryan Philipps
Ryan Philipps 17 dagen geleden
Magic how that valve cover fit on after you put the bolts in the wrong spots😂😂😂
MR 427
MR 427 17 dagen geleden
Nice job guys
aXBlackDeathXa 17 dagen geleden
You buy a bad ass 2 stage air compressor and fill the tires with some little shit unit 😂 Boosted Boiz indeed.
pFbSpecV 17 dagen geleden
Dang you guys got the freedom civic for free?
Dark Ra
Dark Ra 17 dagen geleden
hosh arts
hosh arts 17 dagen geleden
I love the growth but I miss the squad. I hope they keep making appearances.
Joshua Brown
Joshua Brown 17 dagen geleden
Man you guys wanna be cleetus so bad just with Honda’s😂😂
hauling butts
hauling butts 17 dagen geleden
Red hatch vs silver hatch
Henny J88
Henny J88 17 dagen geleden
What portable air compressor where you using?
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 17 dagen geleden
Milwaukee M12 Compact Inflator
Tyson Laing
Tyson Laing 17 dagen geleden
Got them freedom frogs in there 😂🤙
Adrian Rivera
Adrian Rivera 17 dagen geleden
11:50 now that’s a leaf blower
Lucas Mink
Lucas Mink 17 dagen geleden
Freedom Frogs haha
9366478813 17 dagen geleden
After draining fuel rail cycle key 3 to 5 times to refill fuel system and bleed air it should start faster with out all the cranking
Donnie Minter Jr
Donnie Minter Jr 17 dagen geleden
Freedom Frogs! #BoostedBoiz #PFISpeed #HellYeahBrother
Ivan Arellano
Ivan Arellano 17 dagen geleden
Wyatt needs to do more cleaning around his house lol
Daniel Tuned EH2
Daniel Tuned EH2 17 dagen geleden
F- free R- to E- Daniel E-ornelas D-thank O- you M- alot
Corey Stuber
Corey Stuber 17 dagen geleden
@boostedboiz you should rename this civic kermit or slippy (starfox game series) just because of the frogs you found living in there lol or even name it Larry in memory of the lizard you killed haha
scratchaddict 17 dagen geleden
Hey Kyle, Import Face Off just covered the New MR2 world record. 8.25 @ 183mph.
Mykol Haro
Mykol Haro 17 dagen geleden
Sell me that grill lol I’ll pay for shipping
NICKGAR7 17 dagen geleden
Frogs in the trunk is fine. It’s the snakes and spiders under that driver’s seat I’d be worried about
Unified Racing Channel
Unified Racing Channel 17 dagen geleden
Glad to see this running again! It was kind of looking like the red headed step child civic lol
Keith Blair
Keith Blair 17 dagen geleden
Man you gotta get on Wyatt about his race truck I wann see that thing finished up
Willy Simonet
Willy Simonet 17 dagen geleden
Content hasn't been that great lately...🙄
Adam Kennedy
Adam Kennedy 17 dagen geleden
Those frogs have no idea what’s in store for them 💀
Adam Ford
Adam Ford 17 dagen geleden
Y’all need to take it to Orlando Speed World for the next OSW Shutdown!
Nelson Silva
Nelson Silva 17 dagen geleden
12k likes and 79 fools that apparently come watch a Honda channel and don’t like Honda content 🤦🏻‍♂️
Patrik Pålsson
Patrik Pålsson 17 dagen geleden
@1:29 Ohh you kept it outside, wouldn't have guessed. :-D
isa rurambo
isa rurambo 17 dagen geleden
leth theme song is through this whole video you know if you know
Dale Sharpe
Dale Sharpe 17 dagen geleden
Colorado Kyle = bro/dog .. Florida Kyle = DUDE/DUDE.. thought a was watching clips from film DUDE..where’s my car!
HipHopA TaTamus
HipHopA TaTamus 17 dagen geleden
is colorado down by mexico?
randy durga
randy durga 18 dagen geleden
1000% wyatt made kyle wash it
Tbone Tbone
Tbone Tbone 18 dagen geleden
Why weren't there any Honda swap cars in the highway men?
Luis Ro
Luis Ro 18 dagen geleden
It's nice to see it back up and running
superhatchh 18 dagen geleden
I still missing the .what's up fuckers just need it like an easter egg hidden gem in the videos
Suzieboy 18 dagen geleden
When are you getting a shop doggo?
Dre Moore
Dre Moore 18 dagen geleden
7:20 uggguhh ugguhh
ValleyBuilt 18 dagen geleden
Ha, the frogs say send it to the moooon
Roland Szakats
Roland Szakats 18 dagen geleden
Its gonna get real rowdy😂😂😂😂
joerod1990 18 dagen geleden
Broken in 3-2-1...
Jesse Whittington
Jesse Whittington 18 dagen geleden
Need to be aware of this What Is The RPM Act? In a nutshell, the RPM Act clarifies interpretation of the Clean Air Act, which is a long-standing environmentally-focused piece of legislation. For years there was much ambiguity in the Clean Air Act and often, based upon who was in the Oval Office, the EPA did little to force interpretations one way or the other. However, previously under the Obama administration and now under the Biden administration, there is concern that certain interpretations and enforcement could lead to preventing individuals from tuning or modifying their personal vehicles for the sake of racing.
Vaughn Hill
Vaughn Hill 18 dagen geleden
Well when a hurricane comes you better throw a rope around it and tie it to the bigger building so your house dont blow away lol
Utoob Surfing
Utoob Surfing 18 dagen geleden
Most satisfying part of the video was Kyle blowing out the leaves.
XtremeGTI 18 dagen geleden
I think you should make it reliable i.e. drop the power a little +-500hp.......and then use it at the track for all racers there on the day and see who can run the quickest time on the day. Like a racecar for everyone to use. Would be fun, and could be a series on its own! Maybe even make it a "1-run-done" type of challenge. Would also be so fitting for the name.
FREDO MGMT 18 dagen geleden
The shed!!! Needs a Boosted Logo!!!
Guy de vries
Guy de vries 18 dagen geleden
Wyatt can you give me a whatsup f****** maybe once would do it secretly lol
Guy de vries
Guy de vries 18 dagen geleden
A worry for you mate take care of that widowmaker
Guy de vries
Guy de vries 18 dagen geleden
Guy de vries
Guy de vries 18 dagen geleden
I want to see you use two engines in 1 vehicle using the automatic transmission that comes with these vehicles pause how much power can an automatic transmission from a b18 handle just out of curiosity
Guy de vries
Guy de vries 18 dagen geleden
Can you ask your mate if there's lower compression like more room within the cylinder especially if forced induction would that make more sense or would you have to use compound turbos or an electric turbo
GGXjimmy 18 dagen geleden
lol please change that time lapse music, its stressful with the miss beat or whatever it has.
Guy de vries
Guy de vries 18 dagen geleden
The pistons compressions looks unforgiving
Guy de vries
Guy de vries 18 dagen geleden
Make sure the poor bugger that's living in the shed has enough food so he doesn't eat the frogs
Guy de vries
Guy de vries 18 dagen geleden
What are the stats on the engine
Roland's Recycling
Roland's Recycling 18 dagen geleden
Poor Wyatt, always ends up stuck in some b series.
nextrider123 18 dagen geleden
wyatt is back at home.... we all know he misses his turbo hondas
The sinner Jim Whitney
The sinner Jim Whitney 18 dagen geleden
I don’t know if ‘freedom’ and ‘Civic’ can be used adjacent to one another.
Matthew Wilkie
Matthew Wilkie 18 dagen geleden
fuckin leaves nasty grime hard to watch, lol
CRUD VADER 18 dagen geleden
I've been turning wrenches since the mid-90s and I've only tried Helicoil in Threads and have messed every single one of them up. You're the first guy I've ever seen use a Time-Sert and it actually looks like it works.
Merica Shawn
Merica Shawn 18 dagen geleden
So cool that how good friend group yall have just building cars just so yall can race together... greedom civic just needs a hood and headlight
Ted Bear
Ted Bear 18 dagen geleden
6:15 Freedom Frogs!!!!
k k
k k 18 dagen geleden
nice to see a little budget build on the side. the thing looks like it's got some potential with a little love
Nice guy Tim
Nice guy Tim 18 dagen geleden
Continue to share the information on where to go to sign the RPM Act don't let them take our right to modify our cars away some people are not knowing where to go to sign keep posting the info much love
Daniel 18 dagen geleden
Ok this may be a dumb question but... what are the spark plug wires hooked up to since they're not hooked up to the coil?
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 18 dagen geleden
They're connected to the battery and the ECU. Since it's a coil on plug conversion.
ron miller
ron miller 18 dagen geleden
bro i know everyone love themselves some shade down in flo rida but those trees are put on this earth to turn everything back into mother earth so im gonna tell yall dont keep your shit under trees
1320 DTR
1320 DTR 18 dagen geleden
Glad to see the short block being used finally. I built that for PFI probably over a year ago and it just sat there waiting to be put in something
Hegelian Detective
Hegelian Detective 18 dagen geleden
Freedom Frogs! They looked so cute taking naps on the back.
Ek9 La_slow
Ek9 La_slow 18 dagen geleden
I love B series the beginning of Honda power
Larry -C
Larry -C 18 dagen geleden
RIP 😂😂
maynard barredo
maynard barredo 18 dagen geleden
Pls subscribe hit the notification bell
fifth-scale productions
fifth-scale productions 18 dagen geleden
Leaf blow the car before it comes in the shop... Lol 😂
Jake Smith
Jake Smith 18 dagen geleden
Can we get an update on that diesel c10 he’s been working on?
Jake Smith
Jake Smith 18 dagen geleden
I retract my comment, literally posted seconds before the frame was pictured...crap
skinnynotsoskinny 18 dagen geleden
I think if you bring back your original content that a lot of us came here for, you would get 1 million subscribers easily. The street racing, the meets and more street racing.
ImportRacer4Life 18 dagen geleden
Honestly would really enjoy you guys bringing that thing back to life and just do a B series build!
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