Finally Giving Wago The Paint Job It Deserves!

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Maand geleden

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BodeVision Maand geleden
YES! SO HYPE TO HAVE WAGO AT THE SHOP! Hopefully the first of many to come!
Jadajada Maand geleden
lets go BodeVision , make here jdm pristine
KARR Maand geleden
@willmatic 84 Sup dude! Gotta support Bode he is very talented!
willmatic 84
willmatic 84 Maand geleden
Hell yeah 🙌🏽 bodesquad in the house
willmatic 84
willmatic 84 Maand geleden
@KARR karr in the comment section 😄👌🏽 sup KARR
Winton Bain
Winton Bain Maand geleden
Dude big flex zosh integ still looks Bode fresh wonder what's wago gonna look like
Laura Leal
Laura Leal 12 dagen geleden
Use the hood with a hood exit
MastaKush427 19 dagen geleden
Put the hood on, leave the hood exit exhaust and just cut them flush with the hood.
xXLuckyCharmander Maand geleden
Donald Ryals
Donald Ryals Maand geleden
50 seconds for a add. i also pay for no adds.
Christian Lilly
Christian Lilly Maand geleden
Hey boiz I need some help with something my integra has a b series Frankenstein it is a b18c1 head on a b16a2 block and I got it all back together and after I got it all together and put all of the fluids in it it just dumped all of its oil out of the motor in like 15 to 20 seconds I need help trying to figure out where the hell this leak is at
GT Godbear
GT Godbear Maand geleden
I thought that "what's his name" was a lot taller than that. I have a whole new perspective of him after seeing him stand aside Kyle.
GT Godbear
GT Godbear Maand geleden
It's about time. Make it show quality. A Semi-Sema finish.
TheDuckumz Maand geleden
I know im late to the party but glad to see her get some love!
garrett bryson
garrett bryson Maand geleden
That limiter seems like it's pretty low rpm
P.R. 100x35
P.R. 100x35 Maand geleden
There’s a guy in Linden NJ that have wagon parts! I saw it in OfferUp!
IMNOTA Maand geleden
I feel like Wago needs to become more of a daily, so a complete exhaust would be nice
les bogert
les bogert Maand geleden
Hey guys I am trying to find a turbo manifold for 17 accord 4 cyl can anyone point me the right way
The Boy Parker
The Boy Parker Maand geleden
"Cala-Rad-Oh" 6:03 🤣🤣🤣
Miguel Maand geleden
Rob Dahm stole your Keeps advertisement idea haha
Rooster Tv
Rooster Tv Maand geleden
Can’t wait to see wago all cleaned up. Been waiting!!!
Mirror Man
Mirror Man Maand geleden
I think I would keep those GSR swirlies on it they look nice and maybe just refinish them or paint like a gunmetal or whatever matches best to wago.
Auto Body Everything
Auto Body Everything Maand geleden
I would also liquid mask the engine bay and bag it up as much as possible bcs overspray is real sneeky and will fog out the whole bay with fumes from the clear coat.
Auto Body Everything
Auto Body Everything Maand geleden
Yea I like doing the bay and motor first for the same reasons plus if I was to spray the entire shell all in one shot, the extra overspray in the air will fall down on the car and it will take away from that super wet glass look. Even if you have slow activator for the clear it will still happen. I dont like to use extra slow activator for my clear bcs it doesnt dry fast enough to apply more clear in less time bcs itll run, it cant hold the weight of the clear. This is the same reason a hood by itself on a bumper stand comes out so wet and glassed out.... its because after you stop clearing the hood, the overspray also stops.
Auto Body Everything
Auto Body Everything Maand geleden
your good at commercials. I bet you tok many takes lol.
Willie Beamon
Willie Beamon Maand geleden
Bode did a damn good job on Zoshs integra!!
Steezy Franklin
Steezy Franklin Maand geleden
Stock color ?! LAME 🥺 Should of done something awesome....
ROLY THE BARBER Maand geleden
Hey bro. I have a barbershop in Brandon fl. Need to come see me asap. Did you guys moved to fl???
SnowDrift Maand geleden
7:05 he did it, he said my name...
John Martin
John Martin Maand geleden
Once you get those tires hot let’s see some Drifting 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Masked Maand geleden
Yay the rare 4wd civic gets some love
Yung Ryuk
Yung Ryuk Maand geleden
prolly my favorite car in the fleet, never new these excised till i found the channel years ago
Bryson Hatake
Bryson Hatake Maand geleden
Yooooo glad u linked up with @bodevision
Polar Bear86
Polar Bear86 Maand geleden
Hahahahajajajaj KEEPS... LOL
Fig Bat
Fig Bat Maand geleden
I want some Japanese a5 wago beef
Fig Bat
Fig Bat Maand geleden
I heard the background music in the beginning of the video and thought I was watching food wishes
nizodizo Maand geleden
must get full video of just bloopers of the KEEPS sponsor. I know theres like an hour of him screwing up.
Dylan schomer
Dylan schomer Maand geleden
Will it finally get a bumper and look like a proper ef?
Turbo World
Turbo World Maand geleden
"it's best to work on cars for people who have worked on cars" So dang true!
AppleGuy670 Maand geleden
Get that sponsorship brother hair issues or not who cares
Patrick C.
Patrick C. Maand geleden
"forgot the hood"
Blake Sylvester
Blake Sylvester Maand geleden
U should do a full exhaust and make her clean with a hood
Death Box
Death Box Maand geleden
Put an exhaust on it
Trinidad Diaz
Trinidad Diaz Maand geleden
I want to see this hit the dragstrip lol
Trinidad Diaz
Trinidad Diaz Maand geleden
Aint that a bad place for the y-band ? Kjz of moisture
frias2287 Maand geleden
Greasing Crows Racing
Greasing Crows Racing Maand geleden
Still waiting to see that roof rack installed on wago that you got back at the junkyard in Colorado... oh and that door molding
willmatic 84
willmatic 84 Maand geleden
Hell yeah 🔥 man Adam is going to definitely make wago brand new 👌 i can't wait he definitely needs a sub boost 🙌 he's a fantastic guy
DirtyD23 1
DirtyD23 1 Maand geleden
That rwd Accord was pretty cool. I like seeing builds that aren’t the same old thing everyone else is doing or done in the past.
G-mane Of Baltimore
G-mane Of Baltimore Maand geleden
lol fuck capitalism sometimes
Aaron scott
Aaron scott Maand geleden
Put a down pipe and a flat Hood on it
Scott Farris
Scott Farris Maand geleden
Hell yes the wago deserves this!!! Awesome!!!
SSR’s Garage
SSR’s Garage Maand geleden
BodeVision has a great series on his Honda Accord build !! Definitely worth checking out !!
Sergeant Moose
Sergeant Moose Maand geleden
sick vid bro! Bode does great paint, it's good to know you're staying local too!!
Jacob Barr
Jacob Barr Maand geleden
The gsr blades are just great on it honestly
Origins Garage
Origins Garage Maand geleden
NGL, a color like Quicksand off the 2019 Toyota Tacoma and black wheels would look SICKKKKKKK on wago.
Jameson Hardcastle
Jameson Hardcastle Maand geleden
I didn't realize how clean wago's interior is!!!!! Damn!! Oh and I think you should do a fender exit exhaust on her!!!!
ImportRacer4Life Maand geleden
Definitely excited to see Wago get some love! Adam seems like a super cool dude and knows his stuff. Also that accord is fucking badass!
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin Maand geleden
Bode is the fucking man. I JUST realized YT has shadowed him for me and I haven't seen a video of his in months. Kinda works out though because now I have a backlog to watch.
Alex Pighini
Alex Pighini Maand geleden
run a full exhaust please
Jared THISDELLE Maand geleden
Nice wago getting some love
Jose Estrada
Jose Estrada Maand geleden
6:57 looked like he climbed up the quick to catch something 😂😂
mk2vrt Maand geleden
That Adam guy only does good work on his own stuff
JDM Wytebo
JDM Wytebo Maand geleden
Nice! Can’t wait to see the bodywork on Adam’s channel.
Yaz Maand geleden
Put a full exhaust on wago 🙏🏿
M C R Maand geleden
In my opinion. Get rid of the hood exit exhaust. run a full exhaust back to the rear. Have it full sleeper and look mint 👌🏼👌🏼
Turkey Bacon
Turkey Bacon Maand geleden
please please please go full sleeper mode with Wago. No pipes though the hood, mufflers installed. Then gap some rich pricks on the street, great content.
Lennart Hedström
Lennart Hedström Maand geleden
Make a full exhaust on it. Make it nice and ”oem” +
Aj Karrer
Aj Karrer Maand geleden
quit smiling during the keeps ad lmaooooo
Richard Ortega
Richard Ortega Maand geleden
What happen to Leslie tho?
Timothy Hockett
Timothy Hockett Maand geleden
Why did you have to call me out like that? I started losing my hair at 14. Now at 23 I'm half bald.
Jason Cox
Jason Cox Maand geleden
Probably would look better with the black trim off the doors and just smooth them out.
PA Tuners
PA Tuners Maand geleden
Liam D
Liam D Maand geleden
Hopefully it turns out better then taylors car that black paint has more texture then ray liottas face.
Don Calma
Don Calma Maand geleden
Do an H22 crv swap !
Jae in the 88
Jae in the 88 Maand geleden
Where emilio
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 Maand geleden
On his channel: Emilio's World
Carter Saunders
Carter Saunders Maand geleden
Hood with a hood exit exhaust would be sweet
LenierEusoj Maand geleden
When are u gonna get a front lip and side skirts for the red MR2?
sean carroll
sean carroll Maand geleden
You hauled ass right by a cop there in the end, lol
KRAYSLiCK999 Maand geleden
hey Kyle Put keeps on your turbo its abit big and bald lolz
diablo son
diablo son Maand geleden
10:30 full sleeper Exhaust out the back clean hood clean car
The Sheamiester
The Sheamiester Maand geleden
I know this isn't related, but why don't y'all have boost lab as a sponsor? Only makes sense living in the home state of the manufacturer. P. S. CB MEDIA 'street racing turbo taxi vans in thailand's promo code for 10%off ✌️🍀🙏
david laver
david laver Maand geleden
The Hellcat miata was pretty poorly built but seems to be on track now.
GRPABT1 Maand geleden
Doesn't even sound bad for a V6.
Tim O' Callaghan
Tim O' Callaghan Maand geleden
hope hes gonne refurb the GSR blades too.. still look great on wago
Squarish Plum
Squarish Plum Maand geleden
This is gonna be amazing,, BUT will you buy Hondaro from Emilio we want to see more of that car maybe you should talk to him about buying it it's at the shop in Colorado just sitting there fresh brand new paint job looking good
Derek Lipka
Derek Lipka Maand geleden
I would have thought cleetus is the one that needs Keeps....
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 Maand geleden
His channel has been sponsored by Keeps as well.
Rey Sabas Jr.
Rey Sabas Jr. Maand geleden
We don't like keeps! We want to look like dom
David Marcoux
David Marcoux Maand geleden
i rEmeMbeRs kYle’S tHiRd biRtHdAy pArTy! wHO eLsE iS oG liKE mE¿!
David Marcoux
David Marcoux Maand geleden
Moral of the story: if someone cuts you off, done swerve. Hit them.
chance lange
chance lange Maand geleden
What's going on with the turbo shopping cart? Haven't seen it in awhile
Zac Kreiger
Zac Kreiger Maand geleden
5:54 "driver side passenger door" lol
Black Panther
Black Panther Maand geleden
Can't wait for the mini van to get a make over
Jack Buckingham
Jack Buckingham Maand geleden
Theres a clean awd wagon near me i seen forsale pretty cheap
Andrew Abustan
Andrew Abustan Maand geleden
man almost at 1m
LEXTOWN HOODTV Maand geleden
I fuck with bode vision been on his channel for a long time glad to see y'all colab 🤙
J S Maand geleden
I remember the Georgetown ice Lake fun u guys had! Freakin' epic!
Eliza Williams
Eliza Williams Maand geleden
BodeVision is short
abels_ Maand geleden for all your ef parts. Location north central fl.
Monkie Loc
Monkie Loc Maand geleden
Yall needa reach out to youngstatic on youtube. He has plenty of EF
Alexander Sanchez
Alexander Sanchez Maand geleden
Major props to the boiz for giving shoutouts to fellow youtubers!
Phil McKrakin
Phil McKrakin Maand geleden
Hell Yeah, BodeVision is a great channel with great builds/paint work and deserves the recognition!
Patrick hutchings
Patrick hutchings Maand geleden
I've been here since kyle was shitting yellow.
michael ferguson
michael ferguson Maand geleden
Wago has the best exhaust manifold of the fleet change my mind!!! Thank hayden
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