The Twin Turbo Mr2 Is No More, Getting Rid Of Everything We Don't Need

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Joejo781 5 dagen geleden
That's the only way to make a Honda go fast. By making it lighter .
Geezee 5six2
Geezee 5six2 5 dagen geleden
Sell it all back to eBay
Jane Prescott
Jane Prescott 13 dagen geleden
No idea why my mr2 should flames out top of back of engine. Will say was told block was cracked.
Blotted 13 dagen geleden
Should use this time to paint the inside and cage white as well as paint some suspension components black. Make her look cleeeeeeean as hell.
dominick murino
dominick murino 13 dagen geleden
you know a car is fast when you need to add weight lol
Jeremy Shofner
Jeremy Shofner 15 dagen geleden
Jose Rotary
Jose Rotary 15 dagen geleden
Mr2 will be faster then it has been 💯👍👍👍
InATrance4Life 15 dagen geleden
Gets super close to beating the record but then decides to dismantle the car waow!
IDtent33 15 dagen geleden
get the front weight below axle line if you can
Brenden Trail
Brenden Trail 15 dagen geleden
I can’t believe that was back in 2016 when you blew up the original engine. Been following this channel longer than I thought
Brady Gamble
Brady Gamble 16 dagen geleden
If they do all of this and slap some cheap turbos on it im going to cry.
GoSkateEmerica13 16 dagen geleden
Can someone explain to me why instead of getting a wheelie bar he's determined to add weight to the front?
Joshua Bliffen
Joshua Bliffen 16 dagen geleden
Pan vaint ooon sk
Brian 16 dagen geleden
Why in the fuck don’t you just LS4 swap this thing stop wasting time with this tinker motor! Hit up LS4-King!!
Louis Mason
Louis Mason 16 dagen geleden
Selling old fuel system???
Chris G
Chris G 16 dagen geleden
Why not convert to AWD to help with the front raise & launch? It would kill everything!
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk 17 dagen geleden
No lift pump required?
Almstlegal Garage
Almstlegal Garage 17 dagen geleden
#makeamericagreatagain #caintyourpage
Justin Feller
Justin Feller 17 dagen geleden
Tom Gunter
Tom Gunter 17 dagen geleden
Sup on cutting some rotating mass
Zack Ting
Zack Ting 17 dagen geleden
Waiting on that C10 that's going to be a unit
Goodballa 17 dagen geleden
Saws awe? Saus awe? Sawsau? Saus augh? What does it do? It saws everything. Oh, so it saw's all? Yep. What is it called? It's a saw's awe, duh?!?
Mikel Ellsaesser
Mikel Ellsaesser 17 dagen geleden
Don't get reed of the twin turbo setup. Put it on the red mr2. Please save it 🙏.
Neil Amalfitano
Neil Amalfitano 17 dagen geleden
Lookin forward to new mr2 build videos
Moto Flash
Moto Flash 17 dagen geleden
0xsergy 17 dagen geleden
radiator in the back.. more room for activities.. more like more sick wheelies bro.
Salah Naeem
Salah Naeem 18 dagen geleden
11:24 "i dont think your ever gonna take me dude" HE CAN PREDICT THE FUTURE!!! Who knew bro😂
Its Linnk
Its Linnk 18 dagen geleden
Wyatt still has to “celd the wage” before he can Caint it
Steven Farris
Steven Farris 18 dagen geleden
Paint that Cage
Jason Escobar
Jason Escobar 18 dagen geleden
i think he wants to get the weight good so that weight isnt an issue but you have to factor in the weight when taking the weight out and then wait some more and more
k k
k k 18 dagen geleden
going big boi mode. good shite
ImportRacer4Life 18 dagen geleden
That motor is fucked 😂😂😂😂
Linuxus RS
Linuxus RS 18 dagen geleden
I want to see a new video of shopping gokart so bad 🥺🥺🥺
Ramsey A. Bear
Ramsey A. Bear 18 dagen geleden
Paint the cage light grey
BossMan 302
BossMan 302 18 dagen geleden
Do a cam lope tune on it lol don't lock it out.
Joshua Nelson
Joshua Nelson 18 dagen geleden
Was in for part out, little exited but still little let down.
Taylor'd performance
Taylor'd performance 18 dagen geleden
Static Seng
Static Seng 18 dagen geleden
leroy vs mr2 whos gonna win on the new setups
cody huff
cody huff 18 dagen geleden
The MR Mullet haha
Wicked Moto
Wicked Moto 18 dagen geleden
remember that like it was yesterday. been here since 35,768 subs when you were talking about how much you had in the red hatch and racing random people
Dalton Rincon
Dalton Rincon 19 dagen geleden
How do i get in contact have a N/A 94 mrk2
Dan Kelly
Dan Kelly 19 dagen geleden
Don't forget the funny car hoop!
Burke Fillmore
Burke Fillmore 19 dagen geleden
What’s your thoughts of shooting for 2000lb 👀
Kevin Lauterbach
Kevin Lauterbach 19 dagen geleden
Would be cool to restore the van and make it look bone stock interior and exterior. Keep current wheels and tires though. Tan leather interior, tan race seats? Page cainted to match. the leather.
Kevo05sGaming 19 dagen geleden
I'm trying to understand why they'd bring the radiator in the back (which remove weights in the front to add it in the back) just to add weights in the front?
Just Out Here Tinkering
Just Out Here Tinkering 19 dagen geleden
So I'm guessing running a wheelie bar changes your race class or effects you getting your Wold Record or something? Because you caused a lot of damage with a wheelie, James took his Nova out of commission for a long time from a wheelie, destroyed his 240, Ruby got jacked up from a wheelie... there has to be a reason you are adding shit tons of weight as opposed to a wheelie bar right?
Daniel Rielly
Daniel Rielly 19 dagen geleden
How about the cage upgrade before paint
Miika 19 dagen geleden
So longer shaft and bigger bung, got it.
The Great Cornholio
The Great Cornholio 19 dagen geleden
Caint all the pages 2021!
pFbSpecV 19 dagen geleden
Come on Wyatt! Upload some videos on your channel!!
benjamin weig
benjamin weig 19 dagen geleden
Paint the cage while your at it
Ryan Hollier
Ryan Hollier 19 dagen geleden
#caint the Page 2021
IamUurk 19 dagen geleden
Caint all the pages!!! Yee yeee
Mr260 Z
Mr260 Z 19 dagen geleden
Whyatt is like the NLposts comments section: “Ahhhhh no!! That’s not a intercooler”
XOZ Industries
XOZ Industries 19 dagen geleden
If you want to go light weigh shouldn’t you going to methanol with no intercooler?
Kevin Keener
Kevin Keener 19 dagen geleden
Bigger bungs!!! Teehee
Andy Lewis
Andy Lewis 19 dagen geleden
#PaintYaTaint2021 ;-D
FatSleepyPanda 19 dagen geleden
Gonna blow that record outta the water
Adam Reynolds
Adam Reynolds 19 dagen geleden
If you can move the motor ahead even a couple inches it would make a difference
im Schwaggy
im Schwaggy 19 dagen geleden
add nitrous. idk y but do it
CLC III 19 dagen geleden
Sure hope you are upgrading that cage before painting. A Seven second cage is in order. Take it to ProFab and get a fire suppression system in at the same time. Ask Cooper Bogetti how important it can be! As Always, May God Bless you and yours!
Boomscadeight 19 dagen geleden
anyone else try to pause and see what spark plugs theyre running? haha
William Rathman
William Rathman 19 dagen geleden
What ever happened to leslie
Eddy Yang
Eddy Yang 19 dagen geleden
The zealous cyclone admittedly stir because shears conversly stretch toward a instinctive steven. cooing, nebulous panda
Erik Larson
Erik Larson 19 dagen geleden
Henning Kock
Henning Kock 19 dagen geleden
I'm no expert but wouldn't it be best to have a lower mounted turbo with the intercooler and rad higher up and just behind the engine in the wind flow with a duct like FD cars have.
Unplanned_Future 19 dagen geleden
Tht lock vtec life gonna make them drga cartel cams factory spec cams afterwards 🤣🤣🤣
shadyonej 19 dagen geleden
Nobody likes a restricted bung 😂
Logan B
Logan B 19 dagen geleden
Mini tubs and get it slammed
Hereinmissoula 19 dagen geleden
Since it’s a race car run it on c16 instead of e85 and you have plenty of fuel system and don’t need to spend money .... tho you probably get the parts for free ...
Gabriel Hernandez
Gabriel Hernandez 20 dagen geleden
Bealz Afuzz
Bealz Afuzz 20 dagen geleden
Kyle's getting ready to play 7 seconds in heaven! 🚀🏁🏎
Kyle Beckett
Kyle Beckett 20 dagen geleden
I wanna see the van gappin ppl
Bruno Baratz
Bruno Baratz 20 dagen geleden
FT600 on the way...
justin manse
justin manse 20 dagen geleden
Can't have a restrictive bunghole
William Bucher
William Bucher 20 dagen geleden
What about upgrading the cage? I believe your only 8:50 certified?
wullufdude 20 dagen geleden
"boosted or bust" I've watched this channel before... ... ... ... It'll be both; Boosted, THEN bust.
Destination Unknown
Destination Unknown 20 dagen geleden
We need videos of wyatts build!! That thing is nasty
Shawn Johnson
Shawn Johnson 20 dagen geleden
Upgrade the cage.
jeff alvarez
jeff alvarez 20 dagen geleden
Jack Dub
Jack Dub 20 dagen geleden
caint that page boiz
Jaystaybeasting 20 dagen geleden
Please don't go buy a old ass motor with 330k miles on it and build it lol
H- CUE 20 dagen geleden
11:04 you can actually hear the rod knock why you say you didn't push it that hard
Joselito Miranda
Joselito Miranda 20 dagen geleden
How much for the radiator pipe with the an fittings including the hoses for the an fittings
TruJah 20 dagen geleden
#CaintThePage lol
Rafael Rivera
Rafael Rivera 20 dagen geleden
Idk if its cause I watch alot of your videos but that into music is 🔥 you guys are awesome!!!
Tyson Fry
Tyson Fry 20 dagen geleden
The imperfect bibliography intringuingly prepare because bakery psychologically puncture since a defiant step-son. innate, unusual squash
Trent Crompton
Trent Crompton 20 dagen geleden
Finally cainting the page 😂
Jim 20 dagen geleden
When you did that 3 part intercooler shit, i legit almost unsubbed
Adriel Martinez
Adriel Martinez 20 dagen geleden
Theres a new mr2 world record
Justin Allom
Justin Allom 20 dagen geleden
Kyle: going full race car with the MR2 Also Kyle: took the rebuilt MR2 to Taco Bell
James Anderson
James Anderson 20 dagen geleden
I love how Kyle quoted suppy from hoonigan on how VTech sounds when it engages LMFAO boosted and hoonigan should pair up and do something in a collab.
Glory Hold
Glory Hold 20 dagen geleden
I wish Kyle would have paid Emilio better and he would have came along for the ride but he has his own thing now and maybe soon he will make enough money to go full time NLposts
Red Dog
Red Dog 19 dagen geleden
How much was kyle paying emilio
John Simons
John Simons 20 dagen geleden
Way to go guys! Love to see work done on Wyats truck, that truck needs to be finished. Wyat is such a great guy and addition to the team and channel, that he deserves to shine together with his awesome truck
Jason Haley
Jason Haley 20 dagen geleden
You can caint the page while listening to elage the cephant, if sayin what know you I'm!!!
Alex Sanchez
Alex Sanchez 20 dagen geleden
The lockers for vtec keep it on so its not really deleting it, it's more vtec yo all the time 🤣🤙🏼🤘🏼
Simon Johnson
Simon Johnson 20 dagen geleden
Fibreglass doors, lexan windows, fibreglass guards, hood, etc all online for sw20
Kevin Madden
Kevin Madden 20 dagen geleden
caint the page , and finsh wyt's truck
John Legg
John Legg 20 dagen geleden
For the love of god PAINT THE CAGE!!!! 🤣🤣🤣
beatnik creations
beatnik creations 20 dagen geleden
Would like to purchase the electric power steering pump
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